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What are heat sinks and how are they made? featured image
Wednesday August 11, 2021

Electronic devices like personal computers generate heat as they are operated. Electricity runs through the various wires and components of the device, encountering resistance as it goes, and this resistance generates heat, rapidly elevating the temperature of the device. Left unchecked, this heat can have disastrous consequences for the device: components like the central processing […]

What are Jigs and Fixtures? featured image
Tuesday August 3, 2021

For those who dabble in manufacturing or prototyping, terms “jig” and “fixture” appear frequently, especially when talking about machining — a subtractive manufacturing process for plastic and metal parts. But what are jigs and fixtures, what are jigs and fixtures used for, and why are jigs and fixtures so important? Although often grouped together, these […]

Looking for professional product design: Everything you need to know featured image
Friday December 4, 2020

Here at 3ERP, we often receive Requests for Quotation (RfQs) where the customer has a passionate vision for a product but lacks the technical skills to create a digital 3D design that is suitable for production. Unfortunately, if the customer cannot submit a usable 3D design — or at least create a technical drawing that […]

5 steps from idea to mass production featured image
Thursday May 16, 2019

Bringing a product design to market – no matter how physically large or small – is no easy feat. Working out a 3D CAD model of your new design is half of the battle, but the steps along the way can make or break your project. In this article we have listed the 5 steps […]

Achieving a Phenomenal Finish with Metallization featured image
Saturday March 23, 2019

Every industry and application is different, but metal parts often look and feel superior to their plastic counterparts. Metal provides a gloss and sheen, as well as the appearance of strength and durability. Plastic is incredibly useful, but metal often wins in the overall quality stakes. On the other hand, plastic parts are often much […]

Things to consider when developing medical devices featured image
Tuesday December 4, 2018

Creating a medical device is an enticing prospect. Although competitive, the medical device market can be extremely lucrative, with innovative devices capable of making millions for their creators. Needless to say, such devices can also save lives. But designing a medical device takes a lot of effort. There are more considerations, potential pitfalls and stringent […]

How Anodizing Can Improve Your Electronic Products featured image
Wednesday June 20, 2018

Seeing rust on an iron or steel surface can be cause for alarm. Needless to say, if parts of your car start to turn that distinct shade of reddy brown — a transformation that occurs when iron undergoes the process of oxidation — you might be due a trip to the mechanic… if not the […]