Mind blowing CNC parts (TWO)


Cutting Dream Contest Award is hosted by Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. The Cutting Dream Contest is open to companies, schools and research institutions engaged in machining in Japan. It is intended to promote the exchange of information on machining technologies and techniques. These CNC experts show off their capability as well as their imagination by creating crazy parts. They try to hit the limited of the machines, tools and materials. And eventually, they proved CNC machining can do much more than we expected. Be sure to look at the size!

Inconel mesh

Material: Inconel
Machinery Type: Vertical machining Center Processing time: 16 hours
Comments: It is very difficult to machine honeycomb shape of inconel material, and its fitter, the exquisite finish is highly praised.

CNC Machined Spiral Nozzle

Material: AL6061
Machinery type: MT-250/1000
Comments: 0.1mm wall thickness, φ0.5 mm、18 mm length tubes.

Machinery type: NVD4000 DCG, Lathe, vertical machining center.
Processing time: 60 Hours
Comments: This fine art of work has fully demonstrated the beauty combine with precision of machining. It shows the texture of umbrella with metal.

Mt. Fuji Globe

Material: Copper processing
Machinery Type: NT4250 Dcg/1500sz
Comments: This is the "Cherish the Earth", cherish the World heritage of Mt. Fuji, the work, at the same time with 5-axis micro-block continuous processing, so that Mt. Fuji Globe is truly present.

CNC Machined Sponge

Material: Sponge
Machinery: Vertical machining Center
Comments: Machining from the whole of ultra soft material sponge, really amazing works

Bird in The Cage

Material: AL5052
Machinery: NV4000 DCG
Comments: Comments: Machining the small cage and bird as an whole unite, the diameter of bird standing feet is only 0.4 mm.

Plastic Umbrella

Material: POM
Machinery: NMV5000 DCG
Processing time: 7,000 minutes
Comments: Unimaginable integration of CNC machining processing technology, the ribs, thickness and texture of umbrella is fully presented with high precision on POM.

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