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The best materials for food-safe prototypes

Monday January 18, 2021

Many products are designed to interact with food in some way or another. Items like containers, packaging, cans and bottles, kitchen utensils, machinery, and appliances can all make direct or indirect contact with edible goods, which are then consumed. It’s important to know what your food is made from, but it’s equally important to know […] Read More

A Professional Plastic Injection Mold manufacturer for the Best Deal

Friday December 18, 2020

What is Plastic injection molding? In the Plastic injection molding process, usually molten plastic injected into a mold to produce exceptional quality of plastic parts plates, plaques, signs, and product branding elements. After injecting molten plastic, it gets cools and solidifies to yield a wide range of plastic parts from the Plastic Injection Mold. When […] Read More

Efficient and cost-effective Plastic Injection Molding Services

Saturday December 12, 2020

In simple words, injection molding is a manufacturing process that is used to inject molten material. When the molten metal is injected into the mold, the outcome will be your required parts. Plastic Injection Molding is specially intended for the production of plastic parts. Different projects require different sorts of parts and they vary with […] Read More

Top 5 Tips to Select a Professional Manufacturing Team for Prototype Molding Services

Tuesday December 8, 2020

Prototype molding- what it is? When we talk about Prototype Molding, it is specifically intended to produce prototypes rapidly and small to medium series of plastic parts. In a nutshell, we can say this is the most convenient method to produce samples, prototypes, and small series rapidly in an inexpensive way. To get the best […] Read More

Tips for CNC machining titanium: Aerospace and more

Tuesday November 24, 2020

With its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to corrosion, titanium is one of the most useful and popular metals for industrial engineers, architects, and consumer product designers. It is named after the Titans of Ancient Greek mythology, after all, and it usually lives up to its name. Titanium has desirable material properties, and it is […] Read More

How to make a prototype

Tuesday January 12, 2021

When developing a product, making a physical prototype can help you with research, testing, financing, and much more. And thanks to rapid prototyping service providers like 3ERP, it’s easy to make an affordable prototype in a short timeframe. However, some companies delay prototyping simply because they don’t know where to start; they don’t know which […] Read More

The best materials for your medical prototypes

Thursday December 17, 2020

Prototyping is an important part of the development and commercialization of medical devices. Most medical products have to meet strict safety requirements, so it is important to iterate a variety of prototypes for R&D and testing in order to make a safe and functional end-use part. Different medical prototypes require different materials. The choice between […] Read More

5 ways to make your metal parts corrosion resistant

Friday December 11, 2020

In certain conditions, even the strongest metal parts can suffer from corrosion, which occurs when metals react with their environment. Corrosion turns the surface of the metal part into a metal oxide, hydroxide, or sulfide. Any metal can suffer from some degree of corrosion, though some react under different circumstances than others. Importantly though, corrosion […] Read More

Looking for professional product design: Everything you need to know

Friday December 4, 2020

Here at 3ERP, we often receive Requests for Quotation (RfQs) where the customer has a passionate vision for a product but lacks the technical skills to create a digital 3D design that is suitable for production. Unfortunately, if the customer cannot submit a usable 3D design — or at least create a technical drawing that […] Read More

A guide to sheet metal fabrication processes: cutting, bending & beyond

Tuesday November 17, 2020

Sheet metal fabrication is a valuable prototyping and production method for making robust functional parts like panels, brackets, and enclosures. However, unlike other manufacturing techniques, sheet metal fabrication actually comprises many different processes, all of which manipulate the sheet metal in different ways. These different processes may involve cutting the sheet metal, shaping it, or […] Read More