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Why on-machine inspection is key to precision machining

Thursday July 9, 2020

For quality control of CNC machined parts, most machine shops use a Coordinate Measuring Machine. A CMM checks that the geometry and dimensions of a finished part match the original design, ensuring that the customer does not receive defective parts. It identifies even the most marginal errors and allows the machinist to rework a faulty […] Read More

Why CNC Machines are Crucial For Modern Manufacturing

Monday July 6, 2020

With an abundance of manufacturing technologies making the rounds these days, there are so many to choose from. While all of them have their unique niches and those specifics areas where they excel above others, CNC machining is proving to be the most popular industrial option among the pack. Here are just some of the […] Read More

What is custom machining and when do you need it?

Thursday June 25, 2020

When it comes to custom production parts, there are few faster methods than CNC machining. Thanks to the speed of CAD modeling, the ease of online orders and the availability of global shipping, it is now possible to order and receive custom machined parts in a matter of days. It’s no exaggeration to say that […] Read More

Safety tips for CNC machining magnesium & other flammable metals

Friday May 29, 2020

Magnesium is a valuable metal for CNC machining thanks to its lightness and high level of machinability. However, it provides a hazard for CNC machinists: the chips and dust from machined magnesium are highly flammable. Without due caution and preparation, CNC machining magnesium can become a serious safety risk. This article looks at best practices […] Read More

What is the best way to make a metal prototype?

Tuesday May 12, 2020

Metal prototypes are important for businesses in many industries, from aerospace to electronics, because an effective metal prototype can lead to a better finished product. This article discusses the importance of metal prototypes and looks at situations in which metal prototyping is favorable over plastic prototyping. It also discusses various effective methods for creating metal […] Read More

Accurate metal machining: What you need to know

Wednesday July 8, 2020

For prototypes and end-use parts, accuracy is a hugely important aspect of metal machining. Accuracy means you’re getting a part that looks and feels exactly like the one you designed, with no errors that can impact mechanical function. Thanks to the rise of CNC machines, metal machining is now more accurate than ever. Machinists can […] Read More

CNC Machining Use Cases in the Military and Defense Industries

Monday July 6, 2020

As a major source of manufacturing revenue, the defense and military industries rely on some very flexible, cost-effective and reliable technologies. With global defense spending expected to grow at a CAGR of about 3 percent over the 2019–2023 period, reaching US$2.1 trillion by 2023, they also invest heavily into modern machining solutions in various different sectors of their workflow. […] Read More

The most popular plastic injection molding materials

Friday June 12, 2020

Injection molding is the most widely used manufacturing process for plastic parts. So it’s no surprise that there are many plastics available for injection molding, all of which are available in pellet form. Moldable plastics range from highly durable polycarbonate to impact-resistant ABS. This guide looks at 15 of the most popular plastics used for […] Read More

Why Precision Manufacturing is Important for Your Products

Saturday May 16, 2020

Precision manufacturing is one of the biggest advances in recent times. Unlike some of the other trends in the industry, precision manufacturing has the potential to completely revolutionize how a range of industries operate, allowing to cut costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency, tightening tolerances, and providing a more reliable way of producing parts. The technology […] Read More

CNC Machining Large Parts

Tuesday May 5, 2020

CNC machines are a marvelous tool for producing a wide range of products, but they have their particular size limitations. The standard machine shop or prosumer will tend not to have too large a machine because such a device can be impractical for a lot of scenarios. The question arises: how can they machine large […] Read More