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Understanding die casting featured image
Sunday April 3, 2022

From engine blocks to door handles, die casting is a fast, accurate, and repeatable metal production technique suitable for large or small parts. Die casting parts have an excellent surface finish, and the process is compatible with a range of non-ferrous metals. Because of the high startup costs associated with die casting, the process is […]

Polyurethane casting design tips featured image
Wednesday March 2, 2022

3ERP’s polyurethane casting service lets you make small batches of plastic parts at a much lower cost than injection molding. These high-quality prototypes have a great surface finish and can provide a pathway to mass produced molded parts. Many product designers are, however, unfamiliar with polyurethane casting, which requires a unique set of design considerations […]

Die casting materials & when to use them featured image
Wednesday December 8, 2021

Die casting is a highly accurate and efficient metal manufacturing process for industrial, commercial, and consumer goods. With tooling that lasts a very long time, die casting is suitable for the manufacturing of complex metal parts, offering great value when it comes to mass production. Several metals can make suitable die casting materials. These are […]

Everything you need to know about metal casting featured image
Monday June 14, 2021

Metal casting, a metalworking process involving liquid metal and a mold, has existed for thousands of years. Over its history, metal casting has been used to make everything from swords to wind turbines, and today it is one of the most valuable and versatile methods for making high-quality metal parts. This guide looks at the […]

Urethane casting: materials, colors, transparency & common applications featured image
Wednesday October 28, 2020

Urethane casting is a low-cost molding process for the fabrication of rigid or rubber-like plastic parts. Suitable for prototypes and certain end-use parts, urethane casting does not require costly hard tooling, instead using silicone molds to make a limited number of castings.  Customers have several options when it comes to urethane casting. In addition to […]

Rapid metal casting: Advantages and applications featured image
Wednesday October 23, 2019

Pressure die casting & invertment casting is not typically considered a rapid prototyping process. It requires costly equipment and a high level of expertise, and is generally suited to large quantities of metal parts. It is, in many ways, the metal equivalent of injection molding, another process favored for mass production over short-run or prototyping. […]

When is vacuum casting more suitable than injection molding? featured image
Tuesday March 12, 2019

3ERP offers a wide variety of prototyping processes, from industrial-grade CNC machining to FDM 3D printing. For small volumes of plastic parts, however, businesses are often torn between injection molding — a commonly used process in which molten material is injected into a metal mold — and vacuum casting, in which more affordable silicone molds […]

Decreasing Shrinkage in Metal Die-Casting featured image
Sunday January 13, 2019

Metal casting, like all industrial methods, necessitates a fair amount of accuracy and fidelity towards the intended design. However, things are rarely as simple as executing a method of production because uncalculated variables can rear their heads and ruin a design with bumps, tiny gaps and today’s topic: shrinkage.

Five Ways to Improve Aluminum Die Casting Part Quality featured image
Monday July 16, 2018

Recognized for being incredibly lightweight and durable, aluminum is one of the most popular materials used in the production of functional parts and prototypes. It also offers impeccable corrosion resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, and also retains dimensional stability even in high temperatures and harsh environments. Since this particular metal has such a high melting […]

Types of Materials To Use In The Diverse Method Of Vacuum Casting featured image
Wednesday June 14, 2017

Types of Materials To Use In The Diverse Method Of Vacuum Casting EXCERPT Vacuum Casting is a very diverse method of replicating objects. It can be used for both the casting or prototypes or mass production of distributable products. ARTICLE Vacuum Casting may be used with a multitude of materials. This method of casting is […]