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Get 3-day standard lead times on simple parts between 10 mm x 10 mm and 200 mm x 200 mm.

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3ERP is one of the most reliable rapid prototyping companies. We can turn your designs and ideas into real parts in just a few days.
CNC Machining featured image

CNC Machining

By using CNC milling & turning, we can make a wide range of prototypes and production parts

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Injection Molding

We offer low-volume prototype moldings and mass production moldings.

Sheet Metal Fabrication featured image

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Laser cutting, bending, stamping, spinning, punching, welding.

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3D Printing

We provide 3D printing services using a range of cutting-edge additive manufacturing technologies for metal or plastic parts


Yes, 3E Rapid Prototyping (3ERP) is an ISO9001-2015 certified manufacturer. We manufacture parts to a high standard, no matter the project or the customer.

For certain manufacturing processes like injection molding, we can provide a T1 sample for your parts, then further samples if required.

We can fulfill orders quickly, but lead times depend on a few factors, such as the manufacturing process, order quantity, and part complexity. CNC machined parts can take as little as five days, 3D printed parts can take as little as three days, while moldings made via rapid tooling can take as little as 5–7 days.

3ERP values privacy and security with the utmost seriousness and will happily sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at your request, giving you peace of mind about your intellectual property.

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