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Whatever you need low-volume injection molded parts or large quantities of end-use production moldings? Then you can’t go wrong with our injection molding services. At 3ERP, we produce high-quality prototype moldings from rapid tooling in aluminum or soft steel with quick turnaround times as little as 7 days. So that our customers can verify their designs for manufacturability, functionality and quickly test out the market. We also offer plastic and metal production moldings for your high-volume production needs. Our team of experienced specialists can offer a cost-effective solution at each stage.

Our Injection Molding

We are always ready for the challenges of all types of injection molding parts, such as tight tolerances, thin wall, small draft angle, undercuts, complex part geometry, non-defect surface finishes, etc.
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Plastic Injection Molding Service

The most popular custom plastic injection molding process, thermoplastic, is suitable for consumer products, automotive components, and many other applications.

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Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding Service

Inert and biocompatible, liquid silicone rubber can be used for molded medical items such as fluid management and respiratory devices

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Metal Injection Molding Service

Suitable for small and detailed metal parts, MIM is cost-effective in large volumes and wastes less material than CNC machining.

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We offer prototype injection molding by using aluminum molds, which allows us to accept orders for just a few hundred moldings or even just one piece. This is the best way to test your moldings at the lowest cost before making production molds.

Design Optimization

Design Optimization

As soon as we receive your RFQ, our mold tooling and molding specialists will analyze your molded parts and provide DFM analysis report within 24 hours. This helps you to get the best results in terms of quality and cost.


Consistency and High Quality

We guarantee that each custom molded part is equal in quality to the inspection sample given to the customer. This is thanks to our certified injection molding factory, in-process inspections, and dimensional verification after production.

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High Efficiency and Fast Delivery

Aside from our own injection molding machines, we have built up strong networks with our partners, which means we can get your moldings done without any queuing time. Our molding specialists can find the right parameters for your moldings in no time at all.

Prototype and Production Moldings
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Get 7-day standard lead times on simple parts between 0.5 in. x 0.5 in. and 4 in. x 3 in.
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Addition Injection Molding Options

Besides basic injection molding services, we also offer two variants of the process - overmolding and insert molding. Both of these can be useful in specific situations.
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Overmolding uses injection molding to create a part from multiple materials. This process adds an injection-molded layer of material over an existing injection-molded workpiece. The overmolding process produces chemically bonded parts made using various materials.

The overmolding method is often cheaper and more effective than other manufacturing approaches that require creating and assembling component material parts separately. The process can also build layered parts from scratch or add a resistant outer layer to existing plastic parts and tools, providing a rugged exterior. Toothbrushes consisting of a solid plastic body and rubberized grip are an example of an overmolded product.
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Insert Molding

It is similar to overmolding, but the substrate is not necessarily plastic and does not have to be produced via injection molding. For example, it can be used to add a plastic coating to a pre-fabricated metal part.

Common parts made with insert molding include sharp handheld tools, such as scalpels that consist of a metal blade partially housed within a plastic handle. This manufacturing process is also frequently used to create inserts incorporating bushings, clips, and fasteners.

From Prototyping to Mass Production

3ERP offers one-stop manufacturing solutions. Whatever your need rapid tooling for prototype molding or production tooling for mass production parts.

Prototyping & Low-Volume Production

The prototype molds are normally made as single mold cavity in aluminum or P20 steel. With hand-loaded inserts to avoid using cylinders and lifters. Standard stock mold base is another fact to lower the mold cost. It is the best way to get a few prototypes in real materials for testing, or to create a few hundreds and thousands of bridge production parts in a very short lead times.

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Mass Production

When you are ready for million+ of mass production moldings, it is important to keep the injection molding cost as low as possible. That’s why production injection mold tools are made as multi cavities to reduce the cycle time, and fully hardened tool steel to ensure the tool life. In the meantime, robots are widely used to cover the labor cost.

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Injection Molding Materials,
Surface Finishes and More

Mold Tooling and Molding Materials

Wide range type of industrial-grade materials can be used for mold tools and moldings, giving you lots of material selection options to complete prototypes and production runs. Tooling materials such as aluminum and steel, and molding material in common plastics such as ABS, PC, PP, PA or temperature resistance plastics like PEI, PPS, etc.

Surface Finishes

3ERP offers wide variety high level surface finishes. We only list some of the common finishing options. There are more finish options for custom injection molded parts.

Classes of Injection Mold

We adhere to the five standard categories of SPI mold classifications from Class 1 to 5, aligning expectations for customers and suppliers alike.

Discover More About Injection Molding

Here we present some further information about injection molding, such as what is injection molding, steps to get injection molded parts, what are the 4 stages of injection molding process, the advantages compared to other manufacturing processes such as CNC machining, 3D printing, laser cutting.

Injection Molding Applications





Consumer Products

Consumer Products



Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery



Robotics and Automations

Robotics and Automations

Injection Molding FAQ's

The first step in our injection molding service is to design the injection mold tool. How long this takes will depend on the complexity of your project. The usual timeline can be as short as a week and as long as a couple of months.

The plastic pellets are melted and then inserted in liquid form into the mold tool, where it cools and takes the required shape. The process allows for high precision and tight tolerances because it can be replicated exactly each time.

Injection molding can use almost any type of plastic that can also be combined together. This unmatched versatility makes injection molding so popular and suitable for some of the most demanding industries in the world. You can check out the selection of available materials and finishes our injection molding service handles on this page.

Injection molding is one of the most affordable ways to manufacture large quantities of parts, especially for bigger production runs. Even though design for manufacturing and creating the mold can take time, the process then becomes very affordable and efficient.