Classes of Injection Mold

Mold Class
Production Level
Lead Time

Class 105
Production Level:  Very Low
Cycles:  Less than 500 cycles
Applications:  Prototype testing
Tolerance:  ± 0.02mm
Cost:  Inexpensive to produce a very limited number of product prototypes
Lead Time:  7-10 days

Class 104
Production Level:  Low
Cycles:  Less than 100K cycles
Applications:  Good for limited-production parts with non-abrasive materials
Tolerance:  ± 0.02mm
Cost:  Fall within low to moderate price ranges
Lead Time:  10-15 days

Class 103
Production Level:  Medium
Cycles:  Less than 500K cycles
Applications:  For low to medium-production parts
Tolerance:  ± 0.02mm
Cost:  Fall within common price ranges
Lead Time:  10-15 days

Class 102
Production Level:  Medium to high
Cycles:  Less than 1M
Applications:  Good for parts with abrasive materials and/or tight tolerances
Tolerance:  ± 0.02mm
Cost:  Fairly high price and made with materials of high quality
Lead Time:  10-15 days

Class 102
Production Level:  Extremely high
Cycles:  Over 1M cycles
Applications:  Extremely high production and fast cycle times
Tolerance:  ± 0.02mm
Cost:  Highest price and made with only the highest quality materials
Lead Time:  10-18 days
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