Advice on how to outsource prototype manufacturing to China

Advice on how to outsource prototype manufacturing to China

Opportunities coexists with risks -Advice on how to outsource prototype manufacturing to China

We wanted to share some thoughts on how overseas companies can benefit from outsourcing prototype manufacturing to China.

Manufacturing and importing from China can seem daunting, especially if you are a comparatively new start-up or SME and have never thought about outsourcing rapid prototypes abroad before. The reality is this is a difficult task. The protocol of being able to enter Southern China, which is now recognized as being the global manufacturing central is complicated. Another one of the main problems when importing goods from China is the language barrier and culture difference. However this should not put you off. There are many benefits of having your prototypes and parts manufactured in China to very high standards make the whole process worthwhile and viable. With a little research and sourcing, you can build a partnership to manufacture your latest product invention. If your competitors successfully outsource manufacturing in China, they can offer prices to your customers that are 30 percent to 50 percent less than they are currently paying.

For a product development business aiming to have scale up its manufacturing fast, China is really only feasible nowadays. Cost is certainly one factor, but speed in prototyping business is the other major one. For designers and engineers, Guangdong is a huge production resource. You have access to the best services in the industry, there are a lot of rapid prototyping companies that always bring their best to the table.

If you are tempted to take your manufacturing to China, it is really beneficial for you to work with a direct rapid prototyping company who can communicate with English. This helps overcome the difficulty of language barrier and have the opportunity to strike profitable deals with the factories out there. There are several other factors you need to consider before selecting the Chinese rapid prototyping companies for your projects.

Prototyping capabilities

The company should have the best capabilities and most efficient processes to ensure the technique is done to perfection. It is better for the company to do everything in one place, instead of shipping different parts from different places and assembling them in another different location. This is costly and wastes a lot of your time. 3ERP is committed to providing top quality rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing service, including: CNC machiningvacuum casting , pressure die casting ,3D printing, rapid tooling&injection molding, sheet metal forming, aluminum extrusion.

Working with a single, reliable company ensures IP security and their capabilities determine this. If a lot of individuals or companies get to see the design, there are chances of IP theft, and you competitors may get access to confidential information. The end-to-end prototyping capabilities of a company should be the key when considering rapid prototyping.

Experience and Versatility

A highly reputable company that has been in the business over a reasonable period of time should be able to offer the best services. An experienced company means an experienced team. You should do your research on how long the company has been in the industry, the reviews it has received and the technology used.

Low-volume production versatility is also a factor to consider. Low-volume products normally need a company that can handle low-volume production well and effectively. Even though the development time may be short, you the company should ensure you meet your launch date and manufacture tooling should always be ready and on time.

Management process

The rapid change management process requires the best experts who are qualified and certified. The right company always knows that there are changes that might occur during the process and always have the team prepared. The staff has to be fast and adapt to changes effectively. The prototyping process has to move swiftly and quickly as planned.

A good and reliable company should have the staff trained to work at a stable rate no matter the occurrence of potential changes.

Familiarity with your industry

When selecting a company, it should be very familiar with what your industry manufacturers, or generally what it does. This helps the company have your interests at heart and you get the best results. The experts in the company need to know the limitations and strong-holds of the materials, design and the machines that have to be used for the process.

Having the same industry language makes working with the company easy and beneficial. The company will walk you through the process and the communication will be great. Without proper communication, you might not achieve the desired results and end up losing a lot in the process.

Prototyping technology

Technology is always changing and advancing. Old technology is now rendered useless in this industry and you always have to be on your toes when the area is concerned. The company has to be able to offer more complex, advanced and high-quality designs. The right knowledge on the best and most advanced technology is a plus as your design gets to be a show-stopper.

This, in turn, enhances your product and generally, you get to be reputable in the industry and upgrade in the development process too.

Get to work with a Chinese company that simply has it all; from service to technology to versatility. By considering these factors and selecting the fit companies, you will see your product soar and your competitors won’t beat you in the market anymore.