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CNC Machining Quality Testing and Inspection: Equipment, Types & Stages featured image
Saturday January 27, 2024

Quality testing and inspection in CNC machining applications represent a critical phase, ensuring every machined component meets the high standards of precision and excellence. This article dives into the intricate world of quality testing and inspection, elucidating its significance, methodologies, and the innovations shaping its future. What is Quality Testing and Inspection in CNC Machining […]

CNC Machining Defects and Failures: Causes & Solutions featured image
Tuesday January 23, 2024

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining stands as a cornerstone in modern manufacturing, a process where pre-programmed software dictates the movements of factory tools and machinery. The precision and efficiency of CNC machining and modern CNC milling tools have revolutionized production, yet the intricate nature of these operations brings inherent challenges, notably in the form of […]

A Complete Guide to Standard Machining Tolerances featured image
Saturday January 28, 2023

Standard machining tolerances are an important parameter to consider regardless of the product you are manufacturing. In this day and age, most consumer goods demand consistency on a micro-scale. Therefore, manufacturers often go through the various types of manufacturing processes and compare them while keeping the machining tolerances as a major factor. To understand the […]

Tight Tolerance Machining: 13 Tips to Achieve It featured image
Saturday July 18, 2020

With more than 10 years in the rapid manufacturing business, 3ERP has built up rich experience in CNC machining parts for both prototyping and mass production. In any form of manufacturing, machining tolerances play a crucial role as they define the allowable variation in dimensions and physical properties of a manufactured part. Maintaining tight tolerances […]

Why on-machine inspection is key to precision machining featured image
Thursday July 9, 2020

For quality control of CNC machined parts, most machine shops use a Coordinate Measuring Machine. A CMM checks that the geometry and dimensions of a finished part match the original design, ensuring that the customer does not receive defective parts. It identifies even the most marginal errors and allows the machinist to rework a faulty […]

CNC Workholding Methods – Find the best way to load your workpiece for CNC Machining featured image
Tuesday February 25, 2020

When making CNC machined parts, it is important to first figure out the best way to load and hold the workpiece. This step comes before plotting the tool path, and plays an important role in the process. Workholding and loading are crucial aspects of the CNC machining process. Your workpiece is only going to be […]

Quality Control for CNC Machining: 7 Things to Consider featured image
Thursday September 21, 2017

When it comes to CNC machining manufacturing, fractions of inches can make the difference between a successful product and losing a customer. There are several ways to promote quality control (QC) in CNC production. This post will explore some of these. What is CNC Machining Quality Control? Quality control is the process used in CNC […]