Complex & precision CNC machined parts from award


Cutting Dream Contest Award is hosted by Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. The Cutting Dream Contest is open to companies, schools and research institutions engaged in machining in Japan. It is intended to promote the exchange of information on machining technologies and techniques. These CNC experts show off their capability as well as their imagination by creating crazy parts. They try to hit the limited of the machines, tools and materials. And eventually, they proved CNC machining can do much more than we expected. Be sure to look at the size!

gold prize3


MaterialAluminum 5052
Machine typehorizontal milling center
Summary: To simulate a soft coat in metal is a brilliant idea. It also shows the capability of CNC machining.

gold prize3

3D Ant

Machine type:NV4000DCG
Summary: It is not only the height of modeling technology and processing technology, but also the experience of advanced die finishing technology. Each part created in 12 points refeels the accuracy of the parts at assembly time.

Silver prize5


Material: A5052
Machinery Type: VS40
Comments: Even the tiny tiptoe or tactile feel can be truly processed, a highly accomplished work, and the beauty of realism and its overwhelming sense of existence are fully manifested.

bronze prize6


Material: Aluminium, Brass, Copper
Machinery Type: 5 Axis CNC machine
Comments: This outstanding work refers to the creative ability to combine different material sculptures, showing different textures, and can make people deeply aware of their beauty, presence, and expressiveness.


bronze prize6


Material: A5052
Machinery Type: Vertical Machining Centre
Comments: From the thinnest 0.2mm sail, then the wind direction meter to the propeller, a total of 73 parts are cut out and processed, fully showing the detail of the work and its original shape.

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