How Rapid Manufacturing Beats Typical Industrial Wait Periods

How Rapid Manufacturing Beats Typical Industrial Wait Periods

How Rapid Manufacturing Beats Typical Industrial Wait Periods


Do you want to be the first to market for your products? Of course you do, because then you will lead the industry. Learn how rapid manufacturing beats typical industrial wait periods.


Speed kills. Global manufacturing continues to advance and if you are slow to the party, you will fall behind. Learn how rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing can beat typical industrial wait periods. You will be faster to market and gain a competitive advantage.

You Have Problems, 3ERP Has Solutions

If you are first to market a brand new revolutionary product, then the customers will buy your brand first. We, at 3ERP are known for our 3E’s manufacturing philosophy of Excellence, Efficiency and Economy. We are ISO-certified and specialize in helping you with the following manufacturing tasks: produce complicated part from 3D visualization, 3D printing, vacuum casting, rapid tooling, injection molding, sheet metal forming, pressure die casting, aluminum extrusion and CNC machining. Unlike our competitors, we deliver high quality manufacturing solutions in a matter of hours. When you have an emergency and need fast answers, we deliver.

Rapid Manufacturing Improves Life Cycle

When you are first out of the gate, you obviously have an advantage. You become the industry leader. Other companies can’t even offer what you have. You have a higher success rate. You increase your sales and earn a better ROI. We have experience in the optical, automotive, medical devices and aerospace industries. No matter how complicated your project may be, we have the ability to make it successful. We create flexible design options for all your products. We understand that projects might have a tight turnaround time. We are agile, so you can respond to your customer needs in real-time. When you start fast, you can gain market share. This can extend the product life cycle due to its popularity.

First to Market – Controls Industry

We use Chinese determination and Western precision to deliver the best results. China has become the manufacturer of the world and find out why. Our 3ERP factory has high precision 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling machines, along with a material tester. Our CMM machine allows us to measure items quickly. We have CNC turning, EDM, Grinding, Height Gauge, Olympus Metal Tester and Sandblasting machines. With rapid manufacturing, you can count your profits while the competition is still spinning their wheels. Our experts can help you with your projects. We have the manufacturing experience and utmost professionalism to help you succeed. We have more than a decade of experience, more than 25,000 projects delivered and 426 satisfied customers. We would like to reach 427 – so get started today, by requesting a free project review.