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vacuum casting

Vacuum Casting (Silicone Molding)

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From 1 to 50+ parts
In 10 working days

Vacuum forming is used to create duplicate prototypes and models. We start by producing a piece (know as a master model)usingCNC machining, and then a silicon rubber mold is made via vacuum casting to produce accurate duplicates of the original piece.We go through an extensive process to ensure that each piece we produce is of the highest quality, and meets the impeccable needs of our customers. Prototypes we make through this method are best suited for engineering testing, concept proofing and display demos.

Benefits of Vacuum Casting


Vacuum casting materials are available in rigid or flexible end-use plastics. Vacuum casting parts are generally as tough or tougher than injection molded pieces, and stronger than 3D printed pieces.



Our casting process is optimal for low-volume production for quantities of one to several hundred.  On average, a silicone mold can accurately make about 20-50 parts. The maximum quantity varies based on part design and material.


Material Selection

At 3ERP, we use a wide range of rigid and flexible materials, from very soft and flexible (Shore A) to extremely rigid and impact resistant (Shore D). Parts are cast in a color that is blended to your specifications.


Color Matching & Finishing

The vacuum casting process is capable of reproducing small details.  Little to no finishing is required, because the desired textures and finish levels are applied to the master pattern.


Quick Turnaround

At 3ERP vacuum casting parts can be shipped in as little as 10 days