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For industries ranging from medical to power generation, stainless steel is a ubiquitous metal thanks to its strength and heat resistance. But what sets different types of stainless steels apart is their superior corrosion resistance.

Trust 3ERP – the expert in delivering precision results for a wide range of stainless steel alloys available for CNC machining.


ApplicationsCNC machining produces parts with excellent mechanical properties, accuracy and repeatability from metal and plastic. 3- axis & 5-axis CNC milling available.
StrengthsExcellent mechanical properties,High accuracy & repeatability
WeaknessesGreater geometry restrictions than 3D printing


Lead Time< 10 days
Wall Thickness0.75 mm
Tolerances±0.125mm (±0.005″)

Using Stainless Steel for CNC Machining

Stainless steel offers improved corrosion resistance compared to its standard steel counterparts, thanks to the addition of chromium alloys. Precise mixtures of alloys in different stainless steel grades provide higher heat treatability and machinability, with unique properties to suit every application. Heat treatment can significantly alter the mechanical properties of stainless steel, allowing for tailored results after CNC milling/machining.
Stainless Steel 15-5Stainless Steel 17-4Stainless Steel 18-8Stainless Steel 303Stainless Steel 304Stainless Steel 316Stainless Steel 416Stainless Steel 420Stainless Steel 440CStainless Steel 410
Precision Stainless Steel part Stainless Steel 15-5

Stainless Steel 15-5

An age-hardened stainless steel alloy with excellent tensile strength, wear resistance, and high hardness, frequently used in aerospace components, medical instruments, and valves, as well as hand tools and fasteners.

Tensile Strength, Yield: 1275 MPa

Shear Modulus: 75 GPa

Elongation at Break: 9.8 %

Hardness (Brinell): 420

Density: 0.282 lbs/in³ (7.8 g/cm³)

Maximum Temp: 1508°F /820°C

Why Use Our Stainless Steel Machining Service

The Top 6 Reasons:


One-off aluminum prototype part or large quantity parts. No matter the size of your order, we can handle it.

Industry-best pricing
Industry-best pricing

We have 40 machines at our disposal and can take your project from engineering design to delivery faster than our competitors.

Fast delivery
Fast delivery

We have 40 machines at our disposal and can take your project from engineering design to delivery faster than our competitors.

Experienced Engineers
Experienced Engineers

Our team has years of experience in a wide range of industries and can handle even the most challenging projects.

High-precision and tight tolerance
High-precision and tight tolerance

We service the aerospace and medical industries and can produce parts with tight tolerances. We also use precise tool holders and tools to ensure optimal precision and accuracy.

Wide range of coatings & finishes
Wide range of coatings & finishes

We can offer a wide range of coatings and finishes for your parts depending on your project requirements.

CNC Finishes

Finishes and Post-Processing Options

As-Machined: As-machined is the most basic and economical CNC finish, often used in applications where the surface won’t be visible, and appearance isn’t a priority.

Bead-Blasted: Bead-blasted CNC machining produces a matte finish with texture and evenness. The finish is achieved by blasting stainless steel with an abrasive media such as glass beads, aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide. Bead blasting creates a consistent look in end products with multiple parts machined from the same material.

Anodized: Anodizing creates a protective oxidation layer on the surface of a part, usually through electrochemical processes. Anodized CNC machined parts can be dyed in different colors. This finish is often used for stainless steel parts that will be exposed to an outdoor environment, as the oxidation layer helps protect them from rust and corrosion.

Powder-Coated: Powder coating is a type of finishing applied to machined parts, where a polymer-based powder coating is melted and cured onto the surface. It’s a durable and cost-effective finish that can be used to add color and texture, as well as provide additional corrosion protection.

Applications & Industries


CNC machining has for several years been an integral part of aerospace manufacturing. That’s partly down to the extremely high precision of CNC machines, making the process suitable for safety-critical parts that will be used on aircraft.

Machinable aerospace parts include prototype engine components, fuel panels, landing gear components and engine mounts.

Mold Making

CNC machining and EDM are the main methods to fabricate metal tooling for injection molding, high pressure die casting, blow molding, roller molding, stamping, blending and so on.

High speed CNC machines allow us to make high precision copper patterns, mold cavities, mold base, lifter and other mold components in very short term. Moreover, with 5 axis milling machines, we can mill the deep pocket features in hours which take days to make by EDM in the past. That’s how we can speed up the mold making process significantly. Check out how rapid tooling works.

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Typical CNC Machining Parts That We Offer

We machine custom parts for customers in multiple plastic and metal materials, from rapid prototypes, low-volume production to mass production orders.

Aluminum Parts
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Aluminum Machining CNC Part Object
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machining aluminum parts
Aluminium CNC object
Aluminum heatsink
Aluminum parts

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