Rapid Manufacturing on Demand
1 to 1000+ Metal and Plastic Parts
Global delivery as fast as 10 days

injection molded parts

Injection Molding

50 to 10,000+ Parts
Tooling In 15 days
Save cost 40%

At 3ERP, we provide top quality custom rapid tooling & injection molding services. We do high quality aluminium tooling and hardened steel tooling for both short run and mass production needs, with a quick turnaround time. You have the choice of a variety different of plastic resins and materials and have your injection molded part in as little as 10 days.


  • We can create hundreds of thousands of parts from a single mold
  • Your choice of tens of custom surface quality finishes for your product
  • Combination of different types of materials to prevent corrosion
  • Affordable for companies who need to produce larger quantities of parts
  • Over-molding to combine different types of plastic in one piece

We have a team in place that evaluates each molding project to determine if the parts in question are compatible with our injection molding process. Generally we are capable of molding parts as small as a pen cap. The tolerance depends on the material and component size but we are able to meet a standard tolerance level of ±0.005. Tighter tolerances are possible, but offered on a case-by-case basis.

Decorative and Cosmetic mold finishing
Pad Printing
Silk Screening
Custom color painting
Laser finishing
Heat Staking
Sonic Welding
Light Assembly
Destructive Testing