pressure die casting

Pressure die casting

100-5,000 Parts
Shipping in 10-20 days
Global delivery

Similar to an injection mold, we use certified machines and pressure casting dies to form molten metal into your designs.

Our pressure die casting process and is effective and very reliable. This method can actually end up saving you money. The majority of our castings are made from zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, led, pewter or other tin based alloys.

Because of our flexibility, we’re able to accommodate any need you may have – from small batches of 50 to up to 1000 pieces.


  • Suited for larger production runs, since die casting mold tools can be more expensive and difficult to make, price for parts produced is lower.
  • Surface finish and dimensional stability are excellent
  • Complex geometries can be made that require little or no post-machining
  • It is great for medium to larger sized parts that would be slower and more expensive to machine

Aluminum Die Casting
Used to produce light but strong parts.
Zinc Die Casting
Zinc is used to produce ductile plated parts.
Magnesium Die Casting
Recommended in producing light parts that require a excellent strength but keeping the weight in check.

We have a variety of surface finishing options available; the choice solemnly lies on the type of component being produced and consumer preferences. Available options include:Sandblasting,Polishing,Plating,Painting,Powder coating,Pad printing,Silk screening.

3ERP offers a high-pressure die casting service to process high volumes of metal components at better tolerance with an excellent smooth finish. If you need components produced that cannot be produced by other methods like vacuum casting and CNC call our customer services now and get a quick accurate quotation for pressure die casting.