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Author: Ronan Ye

After graduating from University, I started working as a project manager for a rapid prototyping company called Rapman in 2006, where I had my first opportunity to learn about the manufacturing process and gain valuable practical experience.

After some time, I was invited to join a foreign-owned rapid prototyping company in Zhongshan as their second employee. We eagerly ventured into the business world and became one of the best companies in China. However, eventually, I felt that I had reached the ceiling of what I could learn working there and decided I needed a new challenge.

That’s why in 2010, I started 3ERP with the goal of providing excellent quality, a wide range of services, fast turnaround time, and affordable prices. This approach helped us win the trust of all of our customers who kept coming back to us with new projects, which helped ensure the consistent growth of the company.

At 3ERP, we have two rules: 1) Quality is always the top priority and 2) try to do things right the first time. Because of that, 3ERP probably has the strictest quality control team in the world; they have the authority to reject any parts while also knowing how to identify the ones that are good enough to pass any test. We never compromise on quality and tolerance, unless compromise makes sense and is agreed to by the customers, which is why our complaint rate remains under 1%.

Being in this business for over 14 years and personally handling thousands of projects has helped me build up the knowledge and experience in all methods of rapid manufacturing. Today, I can confidently provide the best solution for our customers for all project types. In the meantime, I try to pass on my experience to our project managing team, helping them make the right decisions on new projects.


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