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3D printing

3D Printing Additive Manufacturing

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Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is one of the most effective ways to produce complex parts, which cnc machining would not be able to accomplish at such high quality and accuracy. You can get detailed physical copies of your CAD designs using our first-rate 3D printing technology.

The process involves stacking miniscule layers in a predetermined pattern until an entire solid object, part or component is built up. At 3ERP, we specialize in imperial grade 3D metal printing, which enables us to produce even the most complex parts quickly and efficiently.


  • Produces strong components that can be used in a variety of fields that need small, dense parts.
  • Quick turnaround time and very little material waste.
  • Identical parts are built on a single platform all at once, making productionvery efficient.

3D Printing Process

  • Consultation and planning phase with our team of experts.
  • 3D CAD files must be provided for the design and reviewed by the production team so they can be optimized and made to meet design requirements.
  • The CAD drawings are divided into multiple cross-sectional layers through the use of specialized software.
  • Printing is done using state of the art 3D metal printers that are fast and efficient producing high quality products.