… As always, I am impressed with the amazing turnaround time and service that you provide! You truly have a world class operation!

Kevin M.
Product Development Consultant

The parts look fantastic, I am very happy with the quality. Thank you for your very efficient service

Klaus G.
Chief Executive Officer

I received the parts today. Everything came out great. I want to thank you for a job well done, paying attention to quality, and communicating with me about the gold plating.
It’s rare that my feedback is only positive, but you’ve earned it!

Kim S.
Project Manager

The quote you submitted is very competitive with other quotes l have received for similar parts. We have had several projects put on hold in the past few weeks and as a result we will be able to do this job in our own model shop. We also have need for CNC machined parts from time to time. I will send you some of those for quotes when they come up. I will also keep you in mind the next time we need outside help with formed prototype sheet metal parts.

Hi Bella, Parts were received and they look great! We have a short week this week due to holiday, but I will have more opportunities coming your way in the near future. We appreciate your team and the hard work. Thanks and have a great week!

Thanks Victor, I picked up the goods yesterday and they appear to be of excellent quality. Thanks for your efforts.


Thank you very much for the PMMA parts ! Nice job to deliver the parts in time. I’m really sorry to give you the pressure before your holiday, but I really appreciate your effort. Thanks again !

The parts arrived yesterday and were assembled today. The parts came perfect (we already had manufactures having troubles with making it so -job well done) I hope we will get the OK to manufacture additional 14 units vary soon.
Thank you for the quick and accurate work. I will update as soon as l have news.