Titanium Machining Services


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Titanium CNC Machining Services


ApplicationsPrecision titanium machining parts with excellent strength-to-weight ratio, mechanical properties, accuracy, and repeatability. 3 and 5-axis CNC milling available.
StrengthsCorrosion resistant – high accuracy – repeatability
WeaknessesGreater geometrical restrictions than 3D printing


Lead Time< 10 days
Wall Thickness0.75 mm
Tolerances±0.125mm (±0.005″)

Using Titanium Alloys for CNC Machining

Titanium alloys offer excellent corrosion resistance compared to many alternative materials. Precise mixtures of alloys in different titanium grades and their high melting point and machinability allow producing titanium CNC machined parts with unique properties to suit every application. As the most biocompatible metal, titanium is used extensively in medical industries.
Titanium Grade 1Titanium Grade 2Titanium Grade 3Titanium Grade 4Titanium Grade 5Titanium Grade 9
Precision Stainless Steel part Titanium Grade 1

Titanium Grade 1

The most commonly used pure titanium and has excellent corrosion resistance. Its low density, superior strength-to-weight ratio, and good formability make it the preferred material for many aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer applications.

Tensile Strength (Ultimate): 240 MPa, 34800 psi (Yield): 170 – 310 MPa, 24700 – 45000 psi

Shear Modulus: 45 GPa, 6530 ksi

Elongation at Break: 24 %

Hardness (Brinell): 120

Density: 4.51 g/cc, 0.163 lb/in³

Maximum Service Temp: 600 °C, 1100 °F

Why Use Our Titanium CNC Machining Services

The Top 6 Reasons:


One-off titanium prototypes or large-volume production. We can handle any size of order.

Best Prices
Best Prices

We can take your project from engineering design to delivery faster and cheaper than competitors.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

Finished parts ship within 7 days (or quicker) with a 99% on-time delivery record.

Experienced Engineers
Experienced Engineers

Our engineers have extensive experience in various industries, so they can handle any project, no matter how challenging it seems.

Precision Engineering
Precision Engineering

Our aerospace and medical parts fabrication processes exceed the industry's highest standards. Advanced tools guarantee optimal precision and tight tolerances.

Coatings & Finishes
Coatings & Finishes

We provide a wide selection of aesthetic and functional coatings and finishes to meet any needs.

CNC Finishes

Finishes and Post-Processing Options

As-Machined: The most cost-effective and simple finish, As-Machined is the go-to choice for situations where a smooth surface won’t be exposed or its appearance isn’t of utmost importance.

Bead-Blasted: This creates a beautiful matte finish with a uniform texture. This approach is achieved by using abrasive media such as glass beads and aluminum oxide, producing a consistent finish.

Anodized: This method creates a robust oxide layer on the surface of the titanium that can also be colored in various shades. Ideal for outdoor applications, as the protective film safeguards against rust and corrosion!

Powder-Coated: Powder coating is an economical finishing process used on machined titanium parts to add a unique variety of colors, textures, and corrosion resistance. By melting and then curing the polymer-based powder onto the surface, it achieves a strong and durable finish.

Applications & Industries

Aerospace Industries

CNC machining services are an integral part of manufacturing in the aerospace industry. A high level of precision is essential for safety-critical aircraft components. Machinable parts include prototypes, fuel panels, landing gear, and engine mounts.

Marine Industries

The marine industry requires very durable parts that must withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions. 3ERP offers a range of CNC titanium machining services that create highly durable components for commercial and recreational marine vessels, such as ship propellers, outboard motor parts, ship engine parts, and marine pumps.

Medical Industries

Medical equipment and devices must be extremely precise and accurate to ensure patient safety. 3ERP can produce precision-engineered titanium components using CNC machining. Our services are used in various medical devices such as orthopedic titanium implants, dental products, and surgical tools.

Get Titanium CNC Machining Parts

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Order Confirmation

Review your quote, place your order - and we'll manufacture your part(s) according to the specifications.

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Typical CNC Machining Parts We Offer

Our titanium machining process is suitable for various custom parts, from rapid prototypes to low-volume or mass-production orders.

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Aluminum Machining CNC Part Object
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machining aluminum parts
Aluminium CNC object
Aluminum heatsink
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