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CNC Milling Services

3ERP is one of the top CNC Milling Services providers in China, offering custom CNC milled component for various industries. With our precision 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machining centers, combined with other advanced capabilities and our experienced team, thanks to our inhouse CNC capacity and supplier network, we can handle all your CNC milling projects smoothly, so your team can focus on bringing your product to market. Looking for a high quality CNC milling supplier? Contact us today to get your manufacturing solutions.

Advantages of CNC milling, complex parts

Advantages of CNC milling

1. Cost Efficient
80% of aspect and mechanical parts can be CNC milled within minutes or even seconds by optimizing the tool paths and using special cutting tools. With automation set up, CNC milling is super cost-efficient for mass production comparing with additive manufacturing in most of the cases.

2. Materials & Finishes Options
Besides of fast turnaround time, various type and spec of the plastic, metal block are available for milling, and different type of surface finishing is available for CNC parts, such as painting, anodizing and chroming. It’s great a combination of function and aspect.

3. Unlock Complexity
Because the cutting tool of a milling machine can approach the workpiece from several different angles, it is possible to create complex shapes CNC machines with more axis can create parts of greater complexity. If a CNC project demands an irregular shape, milling is often the best bet.

3ERP's CNC Milling Services is Trusted by Worldwide Engineers

We received the CNC parts that you made for us, and I finally had a chance to open up the box and have a look at them today. They look very good! I am very impressed with the quality of your parts. The small details look very accurate, and the clear silver anodizing on the aluminum parts looks very clean and bright. Very nice work. Thank you!

We will definitely use 3ERP's CNC milling services again in near future.

Mechanical Design Engineer

Parts arrived us today. Such beautiful milled parts mate! Our team assemble the parts earlier which goes smoothly. Parts are as precise as we expected. Please pass my thanks to your production team, they are doing a great job!

I am so glad that we found you guys online and eventually ordered from you guys. We are going to send you more CNC milling projects for quote soon.

Mike E Director
Design Manager

See Our CNC Milling Capabilities

3ERP is one the of best CNC shops in China, offering all types of plastic and metal CNC parts. This video shows how we make precision and complex parts from 5 Axis mill machine with on-machine inspection system.

3ERP cnc milled metal part

CNC milling metals

Aluminum machining is a key part of 3ERP’s services catalog, but CNC milling can also be used to process metals like magnesium, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, titanium and nickel alloy.

Customers from the automotive, aerospace, medical and electronics industries frequently demand aluminum CNC services for components like heatsinks, engines, enclosures and frames, since aluminum is one of the most machinable metals. Greater machinability means parts can be made with greater accuracy, as well as a superior surface finish.

3ERP cnc milled plasric part

CNC milling plastics

While precision machining is typically used for metals, 3ERP can also provide CNC milling services for plastic parts, creating parts that are generally more accurate than 3D printed parts.

Milling plastic is ideal for projects in which just a few pieces are needed for testing. Examples of such projects include car bumpers, coffee machines and external cases for medical devices. The process also suits low-volume orders of parts designed specifically for milling, as well as parts with a special plastics requirement that can’t be processed by other manufacturing methods like vacuum casting or injection molding.

What is CNC milling?

CNC milling is a particular form of precision machining in which a cutter removes material by moving into the workpiece at an angle. The movement of the cutter is controlled by computer instructions, allowing for extreme precision and repeatability.

Milling is different to CNC turning, another popular CNC service in which a single-point cutting tool is used to cut the workpiece from block or bar materials while it is rotated at speed in a chuck. Unlike milling, CNC turning is generally used to create round or tubular shapes.

CNC milling can be used for the rapid manufacture of either prototypes or end-use parts.

3ERP CNC Milling part

CNC Milling Projects

CNC milling is very flexible way to create prototype or manufacture high volume end-used parts. Plus wide ranges of milling materials are available, it fit most types of projects. Our CNC experts know how to cut your parts fast to reduce the cost, and how to mill the complex geometry with tight tolerence in different materials. We have delivered million+ high quality CNC parts to our worldwide customers.

CNC Milling FAQ

Why use CNC milling?

Besides CNC turning, CNC milling is one of the most popular custom manufacturing processes. CNC milling is used for the majority of machined parts because it can handle a wide variety of irregular geometries. It is also an efficient means of mass production once the setup is complete

What kind of equipment do you use?

3ERP’s facilities contain high-end 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machining centers, including models from Haas and JingDiao.

Can I combine milling with other processes?

Yes. We can use a CNC machine to mill details, features and text onto parts made using other processes like casting and 3D printing.