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Rapid Manufacturing on Demand
1 to 1000+ Metal and Plastic Parts
Global delivery as fast as 10 days

Additive manufacturing

3D printing is one of the most effective ways to produce complex parts, that machining would not be able to accomplish at an impeccable quality. You are able to get detailed physical copies of CAD designs using our first-rate 3D printing technology.

The process involves stacking miniscule layers in a predetermined pattern until an entire solid object, part or component is created. At 3ERP we specialize in imperial grade 3D metal printing,  which enables us to produce even the most complex parts quickly and efficiently.

CNC machining

prototype manufacturing cnc

CNC manufacturing (cnc milling&turning) is a fast way to make prototypes in real material for appearance reviewing and function testing.

Vacuum Casting

Polyurethane vacuum casting components produced from silicone mould is an economical way to create batch prototypes for exhibitions, marketing research.

Rapid Tooling

Soft steel or aluminum tooling which is suitable 100+ moldings. Real material for function testing & marketing valuation before mass production.

Injection Moldings


Mass production for all kinds of plastic available in the market. Most economic way to make big volume plastic parts.

Pressure Die Casting

We offer various high quality metal die casting process services including aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, magnesium die casting.

Sheet Metal Prototyping

3E offer stamping, bending, spinning & welding

Aluminum & Plastic Extrusion

aluminum extrusion

Normally, companies reject low-volume extrusion projects which fits us well.

Surface Finishing

Real production level of finishing for rapid prototyping & production. Such as painting, powder coat, anodized, chromed and so on.

Outsourcing Services

Due to our location and our experienced project managing team. It is very convenience for us to outsource different manufacturing processes, for example investment casting, forging…

Why use us for outsourcing?

We know which companies are right ones for your projects, since we have done the audit. We do proper quality control to make sure parts are as requested