Rapid Prototype Manufacturing on Demand
1 to 1000+ Metal and Plastic Parts
Global delivery as fast as 10 days

Consumer & Commercial Prototyping

3ERP provides fast and efficient rapid prototype manufacturing solutions across multiple professional fields. Our customers are diverse and deal in areas such as commercial, consumer products, instruments, product prototyping, appliance prototyping, digital products prototyping, and communications products.


Instruments & Equipment Prototyping

3ERP rapid prototype manufacturing services are applicable throughout the industrial equipment industry. Visualizing how a given prototype is likely to perform in the real application environment is a critical phase during any product design process. We subject our prototypes to stress and strain tests, and this ensures that we can eliminate any factor that might introduce failure in the systems we develop. Other tests we conduct include chemical resistance, mechanical properties, thermal properties, electrical properties, standards testing, and durability.

Office Automation prototyping

3ERP has the technical capabilities that are ideally suited for office automation systems. All of the prototypes we deliver are made using precise specifications and represent the real-life attributes of the end-product. We thoroughly apply dimensional accuracy for mating parts, ensuring that systems fit properly, in turn leading to structural stability. After manufacturing them on an assembly line, all office automation equipment parts are put together and checked carefully to make sure they fit properly.

medical device prototyping

Digital & Appliance prototyping

Our digital and appliance product prototyping is done quickly and at an affordable cost. Our elite team of professional industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and marketing staff actually use the prototypes we develop to better understand their functional and aesthetic appeal among the potential products’ end-customers.