Why we should be honest to the customers?

Why we should be honest to the customers?

In order to get business, some companies always say “yes” to the customers even though, at times they don’t really have the confidence about getting the job done.  In this case, it is quite predictable the project won’t run smoothly.  After the customer places the order, then, they start to worry about how to get it done. 50% of chance they will succeed, but 50% of chance they are going have problem with quality or fail to match the deadline. So that’s absolutely not a good way to win business if you are looking for return customers.

In my opinion, it is always better to tell the customers the truth in the beginning, especially for rapid prototyping business. YOU might be willing to take the risk, but the customers do not want to, nor can they take that risk.  They might already have a scheduled testing of product, or a meeting with their clients.   Our customers need to be the ones who make the decision whether to take the risk or not. They should be well informed, so that they can decide to continue with you or to look for someone else who is more suitable for the project.

Sometimes to say no doesn’t mean the end of world. 2-3 out of 100 times, you say no to the customer is far better than causing trouble for them. Don’t be afraid you are going to lose the customer because of that. No one in the world can be good for everything.

On the other hand, if you have to reject lots of projects, then, you better improve yourself first.

Why our customers love us? Because we are clear what we can do, and we are always telling the truth in regards to our capabilities.

Article by Ronan Ye–Founder of 3ERP