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Decreasing Shrinkage in Metal Die-Casting

Sunday January 13, 2019

Metal casting, like all industrial methods, necessitates a fair amount of accuracy and fidelity towards the intended design. However, things are rarely as simple as executing a method of production because uncalculated variables can rear their heads and ruin a design with bumps, tiny gaps and today’s topic: shrinkage. Read More

How 4-axis and 5-axis CNC can produce complex parts

Wednesday May 30, 2018

CNC machining has changed the world of manufacturing. While milling machines — devices that use rotary cutters to cut material away from an unshaped “workpiece” — have existed since the nineteenth century, the emergence of CNC (computer numerical control) technology in the mid-twentieth century has made machining much faster and more accurate.   Today’s CNC […] Read More

Tips and Tricks: What to Know When Preparing Your CAD Model for CNC Milling

Thursday May 17, 2018

CNC milling is one of the most popular options for manufacturing prototypes and parts that entail cutting or drilling. The technology utilizes a rotating cylindrical cutting tool to cut or drill a design from metal or plastic material. Compared to traditional manufacturing techniques, CNC milling offers advantages such as high production speed, greater precision, and […] Read More

How to Tint PMMA & PC Prototypes

Tuesday January 9, 2018

If you look at the tail light of your car, you might notice that, instead of making the whole lamp in red, it usually contains a clear, transparent area. That's because red color is needed for brake indicator lights, while the transparent area gives enough light when your car is reversing Read More

3 Ways CNC Machining is Rocking the World

Friday December 1, 2017

Much like the Industrial Revolution forever changed the way that the manufacturing world operates; the evolution of technology continues to disrupt all manner of today’s decisions. Rather than simply being something that the business or manufacturing sector harnesses, for example, the technology revolution is becoming both more functional and more personal. The Role of CNC […] Read More

The Advantages of Rapid Manufacturing Over Traditional Manufacturing Methods

Tuesday June 5, 2018

When it comes to mass production, traditional manufacturing methods still reign supreme over other production techniques. However, rapid manufacturing and prototyping has become an integral piece of the design and production process, helping businesses actualize their concepts in a quick and cost-efficient manner. Rapid manufacturing is usually centered around additive manufacturing (more popularly known as […] Read More

7 ways to avoid part deformation in aluminum CNC machining

Friday May 25, 2018

Aluminum is an important industrial raw material. However, because of its relatively low hardness and large thermal expansion coefficient, it can easily deform when being machined into thin-walled and thin plate parts. In addition to improving tool performance and eliminating the internal stress of the material in advance, there are several steps that can be […] Read More

How to Make Precise Parts & Mold Cavities

Friday April 20, 2018

Fundamentally, you need precision machines. If your machine tolerance is +/- 0.05mm, but you try to make some parts with +/-0.01mm tolerance, that’s not going to happen for sure. An ant won’t be able to lift an elephant. Once you have precision machines ready, does that mean you can start to make precision parts? Not […] Read More

CNC Machining in the Automotive Industry

Tuesday December 12, 2017

CNC i.e. computer numerical control refers to the automation of machine equipment by mechanisms of computers executing pre- programmed cycle of machine lever commands. Basically, CNC is in contradistinction to devices which are controlled manually by levers or hand wheels, or automated instinctively by cams alone. Automotive CNC Machining Computer numerical control systems are recently […] Read More

The History and Future of Aluminum Extrusion

Tuesday November 21, 2017

Aluminum is an essential element that is behind only silicon and oxygen in terms of its abundance in the earth’s crust. While materials like steel and copper have a longer use history, today aluminum is found in numerous applications across a wide swath of diverse industries.   The History of Aluminum Aluminum ores had previously […] Read More