CNC Machining in the Automotive Industry

CNC Machining in the Automotive Industry

CNC i.e. computer numerical control refers to the automation of machine equipment by mechanisms of computers executing pre- programmed cycle of machine lever commands. Basically, CNC is in contradistinction to devices which are controlled manually by levers or hand wheels, or automated instinctively by cams alone.

Automotive CNC Machining

Computer numerical control systems are recently very popular in the automotive sector. From die- casting similar components to crafting unibody frames, CNC tools and machines are sorely responsible for a large number of parts present in modern vehicles. In fact, carburetor housings, suspension components, axles, bearing caps as well as engine housings are all manufactured using CNC machines. Acrylic/PMMA machining for headlights, exterior lights as well as interior lights are another paradigm on how numerical control machining are being utilized when components are being made in the automotive sector.

In the automotive sector, compared with quotidian machine equipment, computer numerical control machine equipment carries along the following benefits;

  • Multi- axis linkage, to attain tortuous processing of prototype machining
  • High precision so as to achieve good product consistency
  • High level of automation, a feature that ensures there is low labor intensity
  • Numerical control ensures mechanical transmission chain in the automotive industry is simple structure and efficient in terms of production.
  • Error- free and perfect productivity

Other Benefits of Precision CNC Machining in the Automotive Industry

While very many people do not know about the procedure required to follow when changing their vehicle’s oil or when replacing some belts and hoses, what is not as well known is how CNC machining has been influenced to make automobiles more powerful, reliable as well as swifter than ever before.

Bottom Line

Automotive CNC machining service, automotive parts machining or computer numerical control machining in general have transfigured the manner in which this global world is manufacturing virtually anything which you will find being offered for sale in most reputable automotive stores. During this period you will find very few products being hand made. This is because the level of perfection offered by computerized machinery like computer numerical control machines sanctions for dozens of exquisitely manufactured vehicles and other cars to be delivered from a specific production line in one industry each and every day of the year.

As technology advances, there will definitely develop more spectacular features which will likely promote the manipulation of robotic and automated processes.

3ERP Precision utilizes the advanced 5- axis CNC synchronous as well as the latest in CAD/ CAM software for the automotive industry services and/ or products. Generally, 5- axis machining is simply the process that uses a CNC to shift a cutting tool or workpiece along 5- different axes at correlative time. This accredits machining of intricate parts with complete accuracy and efficiency.