Plastic Injection Molding: Technology for Today’s Need

Plastic Injection Molding: Technology for Today’s Need

Mold or Molding is not a new concept. Origination is quite old. With the pace of age and civilization, so many innovations have been added to this concept and process.

In simple terms, mold is a hollow container usually used to give a particular shape to a molten or hot liquid material. When the liquid becomes cool and hardens, gets the exact shape of the mold. The manufacturing process of shaping the liquid or pliable raw materials to a desired shape through a rigid mold is popularly known as molding. Now the question arises why plastic is used pervasively in the molding industry? The simple answer to this question is its material property. Because plastic is such a synthetic material which is made up of a wide range of organic polymers like polyethylene, PVC, nylon etc. which can be molded into any shape while soft and then set into a rigid or slightly elastic form. As plastic has the high malleable property it offers a great scope to the modern industries to meet the high demand of the present market.

If we go to the history of plastic injection mold making, it was originated with chemists of Europe and US. John Wesley is the inventor of plastic injection molding. After the invention of plastic molding machine in 1926 in Germany, this concept got popularity all over the world. For manufacturing a wide range of plastic components, injection mold making is one of the best options.

The process of plastic injection mold making consists of a series of steps. It starts with a plastic pellet which is made up of organic and inorganic polymers and additives which help in melting process. Then thousands of such pellets are released into the threads of a big rotating screw. Now heat up to 4000 is applied along with mechanical force and friction. Then this liquid plastic is applied into a custom designed mold through high pressure value till the cavity is filled. Then it is allowed to the molten plastic to become cool to get a solid state through required pressure. After proper cooling, the product is then ejected from the mold and moved to further processes such as decoration, subassembly and shipment etc.

Plastic injection mold making Industry is not only famous for its easy and convenient manufacturing process but also so many other factors associated with it. These are like:

  • Due to the flexible nature of plastic, it is possible to create any components with exact specification with plastic like manufacturing or medical devices. During the phase of melting it also allows to add filler in order to strengthen the desired product.
  • Injection Mold Making process is relatively quick and easy which saves the production cost.
  • It offers minimal errors with high accuracy which attracts the new investors to invest in this sector in order to get assured profit.
  • It is such an industry where no manufacturing waste is found. If sometimes waste remains also it is reused for the same purpose.
  • Due to the versatility nature of plastic injection mold making process, so many different custom designed plastic products can be manufactured with least effort with the same mechanism.
  • Plastic injection molding allows very complex and intricate shapes with ease to be manufactured.

From the Injection Mold Makers’ point of view, few things must be taken care of properly in order to run the business smoothly.

  • As we know, change is the unchangeable law of nature. So many new innovations are coming day by day. In order to remain updated in the industry, we should adopt the change.
  • The most key players of the industry i.e. Project Manager, Mold Designer and the mold maker should be in a line because until and unless these three players work in a synchronized format, desired product cannot be ensured. So it should be taken care of properly in order to ensure production of best.
  • Every plastic injection mold making company has its own expertise and specific area. So emphasis should be given to prosper and give the best without wasting time in uncertain experimentations.
  • It is always advisable to start with the end in mind for getting the best result.
  • It is also to be ensured that the manufacturing of products must be based on the orders booked.
  • Hypothetical precision should be avoided.

Plastic Injection Molding is a great technology which is efficient enough in mitigating the need of so many innovative products of today’s society. So let us apply the latest technology and precision and get any plastic product we want.