Important announcement about 3ERP

Important announcement about 3ERP

3ERP has exciting news for all its global clients! We are finally moving to a new, more convenient and strategic location. Additionally we have also taken the prerogative to purchase the latest state-of-the-art brand new equipment and facilities at our new factory.

The objective of our move is to continue offering the highest quality of products and satisfactory service to all our clients. The new facility will allows us to provide better products and better services in a more modern environment equipped with machines that can elevate our level of production to surpass client expectations.

Our global clientele base can be assured that our new strategic location in China’s manufacturing hub gives us a competitive advantage for clients who require rapid manufacturing on demanding.

Some of the new equipment and facilities that we have updated in our new factory includes;

  • 3 Axis Milling x 5
  • 4 Axis Milling x 6
  • 5 Axis Milling x 3
  • CNC Turning x 3
  • EDM x 4
  • Grinding x 2
  • Sandblasted Machine x 1


  • Height Gauge x 1
  • Profile Projector x 2
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine x 1
  • Olympus Metal Tester x 1

3ERP has invested heavily in purchasing the latest stet-of-the-art 3D printing machines

We pride ourselves in being up to date with latest technological advancements and we acknowledge that several distinct technologies have emerged over the last few years. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced experts has selected new 3D machines that keep the whole picture in focus and take into keen account the subtractive processes; essentially we have invested in machines that work through a masterful blend of technologies.

3ERP has invested in new and improved equipment to offer better CNC Machining & Prototyping Services

We have created a solid reputation for accuracy when it comes to creating CNC milling and turning. This is why we have invested heavily in machines that allow more customizing, allow for increased accuracy and precision and also work in a timely manner.

We have also updated our in-house surface finishing department

After thorough research and consultation we have constructed a state-of-the-art in house finishing department fully equipped with the latest equipment for laser engraving finishes and modern painting booth that will deliver the best there is to offer globally.

How else will our global clients benefit from this strategic move?

  • The new facilities are bigger and create a better work environment for all our personnel; this we believe will factor in greatly in increasing the individual productivity, focus and commitment to being the best.
  • Being located in a manufacturing gives us the chance to stay abreast with all the new advancements that may happen in our industry; our global clients will be assured of the latest and most efficient techniques.
  • At the new location, we have installed better communication facilities to help us stay in touch with a global customers painlessly. This will come in handy in ensuring each step of the process is overseen by the clients. We assure all customers that henceforth thanks to our new communication facilities the final product will be a perfect representation of joint effort between the clients and our dedicated team of experts.

With this new move, 3ERP will be able to meet its objective which is to complete all projects in a timely manner and offer the highest standards of workmanship at an affordable price.