3 Ways CNC Machining is Rocking the World

3 Ways CNC Machining is Rocking the World

Much like the Industrial Revolution forever changed the way that the manufacturing world operates; the evolution of technology continues to disrupt all manner of today’s decisions. Rather than simply being something that the business or manufacturing sector harnesses, for example, the technology revolution is becoming both more functional and more personal.

The Role of CNC Technology

Computer numerical control (CNC) technology is a tool that provides the foundation for manufacturers to deliver technologically-advanced results to their customers. Using CNC technology allows highly-skilled and trained workers to accurately guide machines using applications and controls that are seamlessly integrated into a computer. Today’s CNC machining can accurately, effectively, efficiently, and repeatedly mill, cut, drill and route a variety of materials in ways that are limited only by the human imagination.

1. Instantly Create with 3-D Printing

3-D printing — sometimes also referred to as additive manufacturing — facilitates the use of plastics, metal alloys, and resins in ways that even ordinary people can take advantage of. While this ability originated with governmental and military use, its availability has now trickled down so that nearly anyone can take advantage of it. On-demand 3-D printing provides the flexibility so that an individual can email a company a computer file and manufacturing a prototype in just few days.

2. CNC Applications Create Convenience Every Day

Though steeped in a history of large-scale projects, the technology of CNC applications can now be applied to items that provide consumers with conveniences every day. Paint sprayers guided by a CNC application, for example, provide precise results that cannot be achieved by a human alone. Etching devices allow for the minutest details to be flawlessly executed.

Ordinary people can allow their imaginations to go wild and sketch out their designs using paper and pencil. CNC technology can take that sketching and turn it into an array of different products, depending on what the individual has in mind. A few possibilities include vinyl that can be applied to car windows and the windows of a home, cakes and other baked goods using inks and dyes that are safe for human consumption and designs that can be meticulously painted or etched on a surface such as a laptop.

Though it is only in the development stages at this time, the potential exists that CNC technology can be used to both automate and control even that most basic household tasks. Things such as cleaning, preparing food, and grooming hair could be automatically completed simply by pushing a button.

3. Full Mobility Will Hit The CNC Industry

Just as an individual can now access the internet no matter where they might be, soon the potential for a completely mobile CNC machine will become a reality. Currently, there are CNC machines that can be used at home to cut materials such as wood, plastic, and metal while sitting on a tabletop. In manufacturing facilities, CNC machines provide the ability to fully automate the process in order to address a complex project.

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